Woman born in Cambridgeshire pub returns for first pint

Isobel Casey

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Isobel Casey celebrated her 18th birthday at the Hartford Mill pub in Wyton

A teenager has travelled 4,678 miles (7,527km) to have her first legal drink in the British pub where she was unexpectedly born 18 years ago.

Isobel Casey’s mother Nicola went into labour at the Hartford Mill pub in Wyton, Cambridgeshire, on 14 February, 2002.

The family moved to Vancouver, Canada, in 2006, but always vowed to return to mark the coming-of-age moment.

Her dad Neil said: “She’ll have a pint of Greene King IPA. It’s our heritage.”

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Isobel Casey raised a glass with friends and family

Mrs Casey, then a nurse at Papworth Hospital, had been having coffee with friends in the pub when she experienced a “really strong contraction”, Mr Casey said.

When he arrived there was “panicking in the car park” as her waters broke, but they managed to carefully get his wife indoors.

Isobel, the couple’s second child, was born next to the toddler ball pit.

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Isobel Casey

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Isobel Casey said she has a “cool English childhood”

Mr Casey, a clinical perfusion scientist who also worked at Papworth at the time, said his daughter will pull her first pint in an English pub.

“I’ve always believed in the English and European way of introducing young people to alcohol safely,” he said.

“Plus it’s well away from the cold fizzy beer in Canada”.

Miss Casey, who hopes to study medicine next year in Britain, said she was “super excited” to return to the spot where she was born.

“I’ve always known the story,” she said, “it’s become a bit of a party trick, my cool English childhood.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting up with family and friends most.”

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Isobel Casey and her father Neil, next to the toddler ball pit where she made her first apperance