TSB customers hit by payments delay

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TSB has said that payments into some of its customers’ accounts have been delayed.

The bank says it is working “to process these as soon as possible” and that customers can get emergency cash in branch or over the phone.

However, customers are complaining on Twitter about long call wait times and being unable to pay their rent.

It comes just days after TSB was criticised over IT failures that hit 1.9 million customers in April 2018.

An independent report into the incident said the bank’s board lacked “common sense” as it prepared to switch customers on to a new IT system, which the investigation said had not been tested properly before going live.

‘A bit of a meltdown’

TSB has said customers affected by the latest problem will not be left out of pocket and can “still use their cards to make payments or withdraw cash”.

It is unclear how many customers are affected and when the problems will be fixed.

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A number of customers have contacted the BBC suggesting the issue goes beyond processing of payments.

Bob Skinley said: “It’s not just issues with overnight payments, I’ve been trying all morning to get into my internet banking account and can’t so looks like they’re having a bit of a meltdown yet again.

“The internet banking site is dead slow and when you try to log in you either get a message saying you’re details are incorrect or it just sits there and freezes. Sounding horribly like the last fiasco.”

Another common complaint is people having their food deliveries cancelled as they did not have funds in their account.

Mollie Romain from Preston said: “I am working nights and checked my account at 3am to see no pay. Checked again at 8am and still no pay.

“I have been with TSB for nearly four years now and I have had problem after problem.”