Top 3 Reasons why Integrated Digital Marketing Is What You Need

Integrated Digital Marketing

Whether you’re trying to market a product or a service, or you want to position yourself as an expert in a particular field, digital marketing is certainly the right instrument to use. Businesses are beginning to realize the importance of running effective internet marketing campaigns; you should, too.

Digital marketing offers access to a wide range of tools you can use for marketing purposes. Social media is great for engaging the audience and potential customers directly. A blog filled with quality content can help drive traffic through content marketing. Using all of the available instruments in an integrated digital marketing campaign, however, is always the way to go. There are three reasons why this is the case.

The Increase of Search Traffic

Digital marketing instruments all affect one another. When they are used in an integrated campaign, you get so much better results. SEO is a perfectly good example of how an integrated campaign is a must.

Sure, you can optimize your site to perfection to gain a boost in SEO performance. This will help your site appear higher in search results. However, without a good content marketing campaign, the right amount of off-site SEO and social media interactions, you can’t really reach the full potential of SEO.

Let’s not forget just how important appearing in search results is either. Over 70% of today’s internet traffic comes from search engines. Users will simply open Google or Bing whenever the need to find something. Add the fact that social media posts and YouTube videos are now appearing higher in search results, and we have the first reason why an integrated digital marketing campaign is best.

Jumpstart Your Marketing

A lot of experts are saying that generic campaigns are the best. This may be true, but we also can’t negate the fact that entering the digital marketing world using only generic campaigns and tactics is incredibly hard. If you’re new to social media, for example, you can’t expect to reach 1,000 followers in just a couple of weeks; getting to 10,000,, 100,000 and future milestones will be even more challenging.

Paid advertising is still often needed to break through the noise. We see the best digital marketing companies across the country do this all the time. If you look at Power Digital Marketing services, you will notice that paid advertising is one of their most successful channels.

Paid advertising can really help give your campaign the traction it needs. It is a necessary instrument to use in order to get the ball rolling. Once you have increased your exposure level, you can then count on the snowball effect and start focusing your energy on generic campaigns.

It’s Easier

Believe it or not, integrated marketing campaigns are much easier to manage. There are agencies and service providers that can help you formulate, execute and evaluate campaigns effectively. You also have more tools and instruments to work with should you decide to handle everything by yourself. Combined with the previous reasons we have covered, there is no doubt that integrated digital marketing is the way forward for your brand.