Star Wars has dropped a big clue about Episode VIII

Star Wars fans, we have a new film update for you.

You’ll know by now that the new film – episode VIII, out this December – will be called Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

When that title was revealed, there was massive speculation over who that Jedi was.

But with the release of the international language titles, eagle-eyed enthusiasts have noted that the the word Jedi is plural – that suggests we’re getting more than one.

The Official French Star Wars Twitter account tweeted their new title first

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If you remember your high-school French, you’ll know that “derniers” is referring to plural Jedi.

We assume Luke is one of said Jedi.

But to find out whether that means that there are multiple “last Jedi” or just one other (is it Rey?), we’ll probably have to wait until the film is released – or at least until the trailer comes out.

The Spanish title came next…

Again, anyone who’s spent more than a weekend in Magaluf will recognise that the Jedi referred to are plural.

… followed by the Italian one

Probably less familiar language-wise, but we can assure you it means the same thing.

And finally, the German translation. Excited yet?

Yep, plural too.

Obviously, fans got excited when they heard the news

The plural theory has been knocking about ever since the English title was revealed last month – but it’s now confirmed.

There’s even a Twitter account that’s counting down the days to the film’s release date.

And the fan theories weren’t far behind.

As with all Star Wars news, it didn’t take long for the Jar Jar memes to start.

The excitement actually started earlier this week with another revelation

Two months on from the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, fans’ attentions are firmly directed towards episode VIII.

It doesn’t take much to get us excited – when Disney posted a picture of an empty box yesterday, the internet went into speculation overdrive.

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