Some Republican officials stick with Trump, cite the issues

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Speaking at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Thursday, the Republican presidential candidate sought to pin this election as the “last chance” his supporters have at overthrowing the “corrupt” establishment – of the media, government, special interests, and corporations all working in concert.

The Republican presidential candidate is vowing to win the election his own way, as party leaders step away from him. Democrats will feast on this weakness for years to come.

A pair of Cincinnati residents were at U.S. Bank Arena to support the man they say “is the only one that can (save the country)”. Richard Burr said he accepts Trump’s statements that he didn’t commit sexual assault and still supports Trump politically because he’s anxious more about Hillary Clinton’s “lack of judgment”. He hadn’t endorsed Trump and, as the top elected Republican, was the standard bearer of his party. “If he said all those things right now – in a different context it might be different but I had to separate it and I think he would do a better job representing a lot of what America needs”, she added.

Trump was on a hot mic, which has come back to haunt him. “Now that’s up to him”, Hillary Clinton said during a San Francisco fundraiser.

Democrats have always been confident about their ability to win Colorado, where both Trump and Clinton visited recently.

The numbers don’t look good for Republicans.

Ivanka Trump did not take questions from reporters.

The poll showed Clinton leading Trump by a margin of 49 percent to 43 percent among likely voters, a reversal from an FAU poll in August that gave Trump a two-point edge.

Trump’s odds of a win were spiraling downward days before the 2005 “Access Hollywood” recording that surfaced last week and depicted him bragging about his ability to grope women as a perk of his celebrity.

Even if Trump can capture two states he’s targeted – Pennsylvania and OH – he would need to pull off major upsets in multiple Democratic-leaning states to reach the 270 electoral votes in the state-by-state contest for the presidency. Donald Trump’s impulsiveness, an asset in primaries, is now a liability.

Donald Trump insisted he’s never even encountered the two women he’s accused of inappropriately touching and blasted the “corporate media” for a “concerted, coordinated and vicious” smear campaign to tip the election to Hillary Clinton in the “single greatest pile-on in history”.

In his first public appearance since all but splitting with Donald Trump and promising to focus his energies on down-ballot Republicans, House Speaker Paul Ryan today touted the House GOP agenda and declined to weigh in on the maelstrom of accusations against the embattled presidential nominee.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who spoke nearly half an hour before Trump came on stage, summarized his speech with his final words: “Don’t trust the media”. John McCain, have withdrawn their support of Trump.

Ryan would need 218 votes – a majority of the House’s 435 members – to become speaker when the full House votes in January. Ron Johnson, who is in a neck-and-neck race with former Democratic Sen. Earlier the Obama administration said the Russians were behind the hack on the Democratic National Committee this summer. Richard Burr with a lead against Democratic challenger Deborah Ross by 4 percentage points, and has Clinton leading Trump with a slim 45%-43% margin. He shrewdly, if clumsily, perceived that many, maybe most, Republican voters were at odds with party leaders’ stands on trade and immigration.