Skin Expert Gives Tips to make Skin Winter Ready


Winter season is about to hit the door and we all must have several plans for the winter season. But one of the very sad part of winter, which I feel is cracked and dry skin.

Dr. Anne Chapas of New York says “we all in winter seasons use a heater or something else to keep our body warm, but what it ends up with. Well, our skin becomes dry and hard. To overcome this issue, we use a lot of moisturizers”.

He explains that using moisturizer doesn’t only smooths the skin, but also protects the skin from outside’s harmful stuff. It protects by stopping outside agent to enter the skin.

Now, here are few other tips, by which one can protect his/her skin in winters:

#1 Washing face or another part of the body in lukewarm water. If possible, take hot showers. It helps in removing the oily part from the skin.

#2 Use moisturizer always – Never leave your skin dry, always apply moisturizer. Apply it after every you wash your face or other body parts. Choose moisturizer which contains largely natural ingredients and fewer chemicals.

#3 Protect Skin from Direct contact with Cold Winds – Make a habit of wearing gloves, scarves while going out.

#4 Maintaining Humidity – Using heaters and other heating devices, decreases the humidity level, so maintain it by either installing humidifier or some other local ways.

#5 Drink Plenty of Water – We usually end up drinking less water in winters but one should know the skin needs hydration. Mixing a lemon juice in warm water can be very much helpful.

#6 Proper Cleansing – Have a regular bath, so that dead cells from your skin get completely removed.