Poldark finale is ‘gloriously hammy’ as show ‘goes out with a bang’

Aidan Turner in Poldark

The final episode of Poldark has been warmly received by critics, although some fans said they were disappointed.

The fifth and final series of the show, which stars Aidan Turner and began in 2015, drew to a close on Monday.

An average audience of 4.1 million viewers tuned in to watch the episode live, according to overnight figures.

That number will climb when catch-up figures are included. Previous episodes in the series have averaged 5.4 million viewers in total.

The show was praised by Roisin O’Connor in The Independent, whose four-star review called for it to carry on.

“While many would argue it is about time the show concludes, Poldark’s soap opera nature is precisely why it wouldn’t be a poor decision to continue,” she said.

“Beneath the ruffles and wigs are stories with real heart, and characters we can fall in love with again and again. Which is why you can’t help but feel hope, as the show ends on Ross’s last words to Demelza: ‘I will return.'”

But she, like many viewers, felt some elements of this series had been confusing.

“While Poldark has used multiple character arcs to hold its audience’s attention span, episode seven’s erratic editing – done to give it the illusion of momentum towards the finale – was simply confusing,” she said.

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Eleanor Tomlinson played Demelza opposite Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark

The Guardian’s Emine Saner said the finale was “as gloriously hammy and cheesy as a croque monsieur”.

In her four-star review, she added: “It has pushed me to my limits with its jumpy approach to time and ludicrous storylines, and the finale nearly sent me over the edge.

“And yet, like that moment when Dwight Enys grabbed George as he was about to go over the Cornish clifftop in episode three, they pulled it back. Just.”

The episode also received four stars from Joe Clay in The Times, who said the series “went out with a bang”.

“There were scenes between Ross and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) that showed off the superb chemistry that exists between the actors,” he wrote, adding: “Farewell for now, then, Poldark, you’ve been proper ‘ansom.”

Ally Ross in The Sun was happier to see the back of Poldark, saying his end had come “about a series too late for his good and my own liking”.

Reactions on social media were mixed.

Image Copyright @MelanieHewitt61

Twitter post by @MelanieHewitt61: I know I can press the off button, but I’ve been a fan of #Poldark for 40 years  counting. The awful travesty of this final episode of an indifferent, odd  disconnected series 5 is like hypnosis. I’m appalled but can’t look away. What have they done? @PoldarkTV  @mammothscreenImage Copyright @MelanieHewitt61

Image Copyright @laurenchilton2

Twitter post by @laurenchilton2: So nice to have a show that knows how to end it properly! Not disappointed at all, it was perfect. I will miss it so much #Poldark Image Copyright @laurenchilton2

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Twitter post by @tuttsweet: Just me disappointed with the ending of #Poldark?Valentine shd have stayed  worked the mine, Geoffrey Charles shd have married his true love as her vile father was in jail, the French farce(for that's what it was) was rushed contrived  stupid. Actors fantastic, writing poor. ☹️Image Copyright @tuttsweet

Image Copyright @megamerlinfan1

Twitter post by @megamerlinfan1: Thank you so much @PoldarkTV @mammothscreen for providing us with this wonderful period drama. I've loved every second of every episode. It's been a whirlwind but one I'm grateful for. I'll be eternally proud to have watched this fantastic drama #Poldark ❤? Image Copyright @megamerlinfan1

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