Nintendo Switch secret golf game wiped

Media captionWATCH: Hidden game found on Nintendo Switch

A hidden golf video game found on the Nintendo Switch console has been removed in the latest software update, according to fans of the device.

In September, gamers found the game buried in the Switch operating system code, but it could only be activated following specific steps.

Some fans thought it was a tribute to late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata who died in 2015.

However, Nintendo has never commented on its existence in the Switch.

The golf game was first released on the NES console in 1984 and was programmed by Mr Iwata.

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The game was launched with a specific hand gesture

It could only be invoked on the Switch if the console date was set to 11 July – the day Mr Iwata died – and by performing his signature hand gesture using the console controllers.

Hackers on the console customisation site Switch Brew said the code had been overwritten in software version 4.0.0.