Nike’s self-lacing sneaker finally has a release date

FeaturesHyper Adapt – Nike’s self-lacing Shoes

Things are getting clearer: The brand recently announced that the first generation of the shoe will be available in the select Nike locations, and appointments to experience and purchase the product will begin November 28. They will only be available in the United States initially, with select retail locations offering purchase appointments from 28 November.

The company’s PR director Heidi Burgett tweeted that the trainers will be available at “select Nike retail locations” and appointments to “experience and purchase” will begin on the date in November. Pricing is still unknown, but expect a “high price tag”, according to a Wired feature on the shoe’s development. If you’ve been wanting to get a clearer look at Nike’s self-lacing sneakers The HyperAdapt 1.0, we’ve got you covered.

The cable tighten based on algorithmic pressure equation and keep on adjusting throughout the day. This battery also powers an LED inside the sole, which lights up when the shoes are tightening and also to indicate low battery. When you slip your foot in, a pressure sensor relays data to an algorithm that works out how much to tighten the laces. It takes three hours for a full charge and each charge last about two weeks, with Nike providing a magnetic clip-on charger similar to that used by Apple for the Apple Watch.

In future, Nike is already looking at making shoes that won’t even need a button to activate.