Experts reveal how happy couples deal with problems


No matter how strong and loving a relationship is, having fights and arguments are as common has eating food or doing some regular stuff.

But most of us, who have never been into relationship think that ‘these people (perfect couples) never fight or never argue’.

Well, no any fights or arguments can make you down, until and unless you know ways to tackle them.

A couple therapist in New York City believes that having little fights in a relationship is a sign of healthy relationship. If both parties don’t have uncommon thinking or ideas, their life would eventually become ‘boring’.

But with uncommon things, one need to understand the thinking and understanding of other, because without mutual understanding, no relationship can last longer.

There are few most common issues, which can cause a great ‘difference’ between couples:


The money would be the major issue in the majority of couples. And it can destroy your all generous gestures and bring ‘differences’.

The first and most important thing which every couple should do are, ‘open up’. Well, it means, talk about the problems and issues with your partner. Make her/him understand your side. Act little more mature; think practically; have a productive conversation.


Another major issue is sex. One usually ends up with disappointment as he/she doesn’t get much support from partner when it comes love making.

Surveys reveal that it is the biggest reason for breakups in recent past.

Talking about each other’s preferences is the easiest way to handle this problem. If your partner is not satisfied with what you have, then you can try some other means to please her/him.

Quality Time:

To continue a healthy relationship, one must have to find time for your partner. And if he/she fails to find time, it would become a reason for fights, which later may turn into break up.

Try finding time for your partner. No one remains busy 24×7, so it’s up to you, whether you want to give time or not. And if anything goes wrong, tell your partner, make her/him understand about your conditions.