Careers in Sports Management

Sports Management

Many years ago, the career options in sport were mostly limited to elite athletes that go on to become professionals and the small number of coaches that worked with them. Nowadays, sport has become so popular and has such a high following that it is a hugely profitable business. A lot more jobs have become available ‘behind the scenes’ for people with an interest in sports.

A sport management career is a great opportunity for people that are passionate about sports to pursue a career in the industry. Sports management degrees can lead to a wide range of well-paid roles in sport, from coaching, to physical therapy and the demand for these roles is growing as the popularity of sports rises.

Take a look at some of the highest paid jobs in the sports industry for non-athletes:

 Fitness studies professor – If you enjoy fitness studies and have a real interest in the topic, then you could carve a career as a fitness studies professor. Teaching can be very rewarding, both financially and from a job satisfaction point of view.

Agent or business manager of athletes – Most athletes leave their business tasks to an agent. Negotiating new contracts, pay rises, winning sponsorship deals, and many more activities are usually carried out by a sports agent. If you are a talented negotiator with a good understanding of how the sports industry operates, this could be a very profitable job for you.

Fitness and wellness coordinator – Sport also has significant health benefits, from losing weight to reducing blood pressure or simply feeling better mentally. The government is keen to get people to become more active and get healthier as this will reduce a number of health problems in the country. Due to this, there are lots of careers in fitness and wellness to support people in becoming fitter and healthier.

Statistician – With the amount of money that is at stake in modern day sport, the analysis of statistics is more important than ever. Training programs, assessing an athlete’s ability before buying them and working out effective tactics all rely heavily on the work of statisticians.

Physical Therapist – The role of a physical therapist is critical in the recovery and rehabilitation of athletes following an injury or can even prevent them from getting injuries. Sport is prone to injuries, ranging from a minor scratch to a career-ending injury. The role of a good physical therapist can reduce the recovery period and get the athlete back to full fitness in quicker time than if they just rested and let nature run its course. Physical therapists are very valuable to sports teams and athletes so this can be a very worthwhile career.

These are just a selection of some of the exciting careers that you can go into with a degree in sports management. If you want to succeed in the sports industry, then you have to have the relevant qualifications to show you are competent in the area, so take a look at the studying options that will take you into your dream job.