Apple’s iPhone 7 slogan translates into something rude in Hong Kong

iPhone 7 slogan translates into 'This is penis' in Hong Kong

Apple launched its new iPhone 7 this week.

Locals in Hong Kong have picked up on the marketing gaff and many are mocking the fact that giant billboards are now displaying images of iPhone 7, with the slogan “This is penis”.

It’s quite boring. But over in Hong Kong, where Cantonese is spoken, the phrase a little more interesting.

Hilariously, if you like this sort of thing, Samsung, which is often quick to mock Apple, has already suffered the penis translation problem after being informed that “Note 7” sounds like “stick of penis” in Hong Kong.

In Taiwan, the phrase loosely translates to “Exactly is 7”.

Obviously, the wording had to be tweaked in the official Apple translations for China, Taiwan and Hong Kong – so their products say something a little different.

None of the translated slogans sound very good, but to us, none of them sound rude, do they?

But in Hong Kong, bemused Apple fans are talking about one rather freaky marketing decision which saw a word meaning PENIS plastered all over a poster advertising the smartphone.

In Cantonese, “seven”, or 柒, is pronounced chat, and is also slang for “penis”. Let’s say a friend slipped in public, or got a goofy haircut: you can say to him in Cantonese “You are so seven”, without hurting his feelings too much.

The camera on the iPhone 7 has been dramatically improved…