Woman accuses Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott for physical abuse


The July case has now turned another turn with the woman’s new claim (which she made in an interview) in which she claimed that Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott abused her physically.

However, the police department cleared that during the investigation there weren’t any ‘sign of physical abuse’, so it is possible that the woman has been accusing ‘falsely’.

A spokesperson for the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, Terry Chavez, said that the Elliott wasn’t arrested nor his case was forwarded to prosecutors for review.

He added that there was no any strong proof regarding the woman’s accusation, so it could possible that she only wants some fame and media attention.

The case was being handled by the NFL itself on July allegations but the spokesperson from the NFL said that league can’t comment on the recent allegations.

It all started when Elliott was in Florida in last February when the woman came up with allegations. It’s been said that the woman ‘became very angry and upset and hence she was asked to leave the apartment’.

Adding the spice to the same incident, the woman has now revealed in an interview that Elliott had even attacked her during the arguments and she had received several injuries.

Robert S. Tobias recently told to a media house that it is believed that there were series of ‘actions’ between Elliott and the woman, which resulted in ‘violence’ between both of them.

But still, there is no proof, which party is saying the truth and what actually happened that day.