Will the meltdown within the GOP impact Trump’s chances?

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan

And if Trump’s support continues to fall, it could encourage a spate of GOP House and Senate candidates to run ads touting themselves and a Republican Congress as the best way to check a Clinton presidency.

They appear to be failing.

Republican presidential hopefuls of the future may be asking: How can I be loyal and stand by Trump while at the same time expand the party’s base to include sectors the candidate has alienated?

Trump’s Wisconsin spokesman Matt Schuck said the programs for his two Monday stops were still being finalized.

Pro-Trump protesters clogged the sidewalk in front of the RNC’s Capitol Hill headquarters on Monday.

He even accused Hillary Clinton of attacking the women who have accused her husband “more viciously than he attacked them”, though he offered no evidence of how she attacked those women or why it was worse than her husband’s alleged sexual misconduct. “Now he has to fight other Republicans?” asked Kelley Anne Finn, 58, from northern Virginia.

Trump is our nominee, and love him or abhor him, we can’t abandon him now. At least 40 Republican senators and congressmen have revoked their support for the embattled Republican nominee – with almost 30 of them urging him to quit the race altogether.

“The fact is, I think we should get support and we don’t get the support from guys like Paul Ryan”, the 70-year-old real estate tycoon told Fox News.

While I understand the arguments made by some that Ryan should have been more cautious in the way he announced his position regarding Trump, I’d suggest to Deroy that it is Trump, not Ryan, who is responsible for the situation.

Yet on Wednesday, several of Trump’s biggest supporters in the House Republican Conference privately urged the campaign in a private conference call to back away from the Ryan attacks and focus on Democrats instead, according to a source on the call.

According to a person involved in Monday’s House GOP call, Oregon Rep. Greg Walden reported that Trump’s polling numbers began falling after his first debate with Clinton last month, accelerating downward after his criticism of a former Miss Universe for gaining weight.

In the midst of the GOP chaos, Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus assured members that “everything is on course”, during an emergency conference call.

Strategists say Pence would have the hardest time emerging from Trump’s shadow.

Ryan has always been a loyal member of the GOP and has been focused on policy and expanding his party’s reach.

The GOP nominee has also lashed out at Republicans he claims have been “disloyal”.

“I’m honored to be standing with him”, Pence said. “He’s been wishy-washy from the start”.

“It’s deplorable, shouldn’t have been said by anybody.I am focusing on my re-election”, said Sen. By 2006, public sentiment had turned harshly against the Iraq war, some Republican politicians lost their jobs, and Democrats seized both the House and Senate. Intense antipathy towards congressional leaders over their failure to more forcefully oppose President Barack Obama gave rise to the Tea Party and sent waves of anti-establishment lawmakers to Washington in successive elections.

On Monday, Ryan told House Republicans in a conference call that he will spend the time until the November 8 election working to keep GOP control of the House, and will do nothing to help Trump.

Donald Trump is tearing the Grand Old Party apart. The move comes after a wild weekend in the race for the White House that saw many lawmakers rescind their endorsements of Trump and call for him to leave the race after a 2005 video surfaced of Trump making lewd comments about women and bragging about groping and kissing them without consent.

Trump’s frustrations are becoming increasingly visible after a rough few weeks of campaigning in which polls show him slipping further and further behind.