VW to offer quick fix for diesel engines in Europe

An official of the Land Ministry said that it will first look at the data documenting the Environment Ministry’s investigation of the Volkswagen vehicles, including Tiguan Euro 5, by the middle of next month. Michael Horn, president of the automaker’s U.S. subsidiary, said 120,000 owners already had taken advantage of the offer.

Volkswagen spokesman Darryl Harrison referred calls to Audi.

However, the company cautioned every variant hasn’t been tested yet. The company has not made public, what changes will be made to the software.

The prosecutor said that the investigation was focussed on five Volkswagen employees but would not release names at the current moment.

Volkswagen has subsequently revealed that beyond the nitrogen oxide scam, it had also understated carbon dioxide emissions of 8,00,000 vehicles, including petrol cars.

They then switch off the controls when the vehicle is on the road, allowing it to spew out harmful levels of emissions.

The emissions scandal affects almost 11 million vehicles world-wide, most of which are in Europe.

The California Air Resources Board gave Volkswagen AG 45 business days to deliver the plan for the 2009 and newer VW, Audi and Porsche models, according to a statement Wednesday from the agency.

“Volkswagen is finding its financial footing more quickly than expected”, Dudenhoffer said in an email.

“We are surprised and shocked by the emissions news from the U.S.”, Audi’s acting chairman, Berthold Huber, said in a joint statement with works council boss Peter Mosch. The decision could even scare buyers from imported cars locally.

VW VW’s prototype flow straightener for its 1.6 liter diesel engines.

Technical measures to override the “cheat” device fitted to the engines that defeated emissions-testing procedures have been approved by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority for 2.0-litre and 1.6-litre versions of the powerplant.

Volkswagen has officially announced “the next step” in reigning in the emissions from its offending EA189 engines caught up in the “dieselgate” emissions scandal. VW faces an ongoing criminal investigation in the United States and could face fines of up to $21 billion for violating the Clean Air Act.

Audi, Porsche, VW ordered by CARB to recall, repair emissions software