US warns Pakistan to take strict action against ‘Rising Terrorist Activities’ in its region


US has recently released another warning (second time in last four days) to Pakistan and asked its officials to stop overlooking the rising terrorist activities in their region.

In the warning, the US has also stated that Pakistan is not only overlooking the terrorist activities but also helping them indirectly.

It has been clearly said that only then US will help in maintaining peace in those areas (terror affected).

Not only that, US has also warned that if Pakistan’s Security Services fail to wipe them (terror groups) out from their country, the US can go for a surgical strike, like recently India claimed of doing one, to destroy the terror camps.

Spokesperson of the states department said that Pakistan should show some interest in wiping out terrorists from their country.

Four days ago, the current active under secretary of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Adam Szubin, said that Pakistan’s secret service agency (ISI) doesn’t want to take any action against these increasing terrorist activities.

He added, “America is ready to help them, if and only if they show some strong determination in wiping them (terror groups) out of their country”.

“But it seems that few powerful people don’t want this and hence forcing the government to not to take any action”, he added.

The statement has come from the US officials after one day of the terrorist attack in Pakistan, which killed around 60 people. It is believed that the group which attacked police station has terror camp in Pakistan itself.