US, South Korea, Japan To Meet Over North Korea

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry right talks with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia during the Global Demining Initiative for Colombia meeting Sunday Sept. 18 2016 in New York

“Granny Park in the Blue House is enraged as the anti-American sentiment is rising in the South”, says the police officer, who is then ordered to arrest anyone who “squints, frowns, punches” at anything to do with the US. USA allies South Korea and Japan would face heavy retaliation, and a general war could follow. To encourage China to participate, the United States should offer a new dialogue on the future of the peninsula that includes discussion of the disposition of USA forces. The United States and South Korea quickly responded to the test.

“Our nuclear scientists conducted a nuclear test explosion of a newly developed nuclear warhead at the the nuclear test site in the north of the country”, said a presenter on the official North Korean television.

South Korea said yesterday the North is ready to conduct an additional nuclear test at any time.

In a commentary, the ruling Communist Party’s official paper said U.S. was pretending it had nothing to do with the North Korea issue and was putting the blame on others.

He believes that the Chinese are making a strategic blunder by confusing status quo with stability especially as North Korea is “90% a failed state” and the Chinese leadership is in effect implying that the “Chinese military will not be able to protect Chinese borders if North Korea collapses”. “This makes it more likely that a government will emerge in Seoul that is more focused on maintaining good relations with Beijing than with Washington”.

“Its assessment is that that its ability to block that outcome is strengthening as time goes by”, Stafford added. China’s nuclear force development has, in turn, undermined the USA commitment to pursue further nuclear arms reductions and encouraged it to instead modernize existing forces. It reflects an unrealistic desire for China to be influential just enough to do the bidding of the United States but not powerful enough to act in its own interests. “Of course there continue to be different views about sanctions”. Beijing wants to ensure its economic concessions to North Korea are safeguarded.

Three years and two more nuclear tests later, each one more powerful than the last, North Korea is in a position to once again rattle the world and, worse, leave it with dwindling fresh options toward a less risky pass. Egypt and Iran have also coordinated with North Korea in the past. But a final solution to the issue that is acceptable to all is out of the question without China’s active participation. Yang said. “America doesn’t care about those consequences”.

“It is impossible to predict with any certainty a time frame or the type of test they will carry out as it’s all very speculative, but all North Korea’s behavior and testing to date is consistent with their program to develop their nuclear capabilities”, Daniel Pinkston, a professor of worldwide relations at the Seoul campus of Troy University, told DW. -South Korea defense treaty is explicitly defensive, if war broke out in the aftermath of a South Korean preemptive attack there would be strong political pressure for the United States to help its ally.