Trump Sees ‘Sinister Deal’ Behind Republican Revolt

Mike Pence

“Because of Donald Trump, we will absolutely pick up more seats that originally expected”, Rep. “These are weak people”.

“Hold it Bill”, Trump ranted. Most in the crowd agreed. The Republicans argued that Trump would still be better on key issues like energy and the Supreme Court than Democrat Hillary Clinton.

On Wednesday he piled on, complaining that Republican leaders were engaged in “a whole sinister deal” to deprive him of support.

“While Paul Ryan and Scott Walker won’t be sharing the stage with Donald Trump on Monday, their silence and continued support for his presidential campaign is proof that they share his risky views”, said Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesman Phil Shulman before Johnson also announced he wasn’t going to be there.

The Wisconsin Republican said this week that he won’t defend his party’s volatile presidential nominee and that GOP candidates should do whatever it takes to win re-election. “You just have to be a decent human being”, he said, calling out the Republican leaders for not entirely disowning their candidate. They’re moving forward. You’ve got more concern this time than in the past because of some of the things Trump has done.

The year-long tension between the Republican leadership and the nominee that voters selected exploded this week.

“Already the Republican nominee has a massive disadvantage and especially when you have the leaders not putting their weight behind the people”, the NY businessman said on Wednesday, complaining that Ryan and others had not called to congratulate him on what he felt was a strong performance at a debate against Clinton on Sunday.

Donald Trump may have stemmed the bleeding of Republican support for his embattled campaign, with several Republicans who had called on him to step down now saying they plan to vote for him. His party has picked a presidential nominee who appears unelectable and is, with each passing day, doing untold damage to the party’s reputation that may last for decades.

Ryan is still technically endorsing Trump for president. The GOP has failed us.

Ryan was already facing some pressure from some of his members on the right of the conference, many of whom have been critical he hasn’t pushed hard enough for their legislative priorities.

After backing Ryan in 2015, Bridenstine noted in a statement that his support came with conditions.

Demaree called it appalling that the female leaders, in particular, have not removed their support from him.

Suddenly, this has become one of the central questions of the 2016 campaign. Her tweets in which she also describes Trump as a “sexual predator” went viral overnight. John McCain and Condoleezza Rice. “Frankly, I’m disgusted with both candidates and I won’t be voting for either of them”, says Green Bay resident Jane. “None. None”, said Tomlinson, who lives in Avon Park, Fla. “American does not need that guy involved in government at all”.

The presidential candidate defended a man Shelton accused of raping her as a 12-year-old in 1975. Glenn put out 17 tweets where she accused the Republican Party of rampant sexism.

The state’s other highest-ranking Republican officeholder, Sen. That in turn could cause them to lose at least the U.S. Senate, where they hold a 54-46 edge.

“He said he’s focused on the House”, McCarthy said. Running mate Mike Pence even promised Trump would nominate justices so conservative, they would overturn Roe vs. Wade. They didn’t even participate in the customary ritual of shaking hands at the outset of the debate, though they did at the end.

“The America they want does not stand out”, he said. That was great in my parents’ generation, but in this generation?

“People say the Republican Party is in trouble. That’s a big problem”.