Trump Releases Physical Results, Doctor Says Candidate in “Excellent Physical Health”

Dr. Mehmet Oz reviews the medical records of Donald Trump Sept. 14 2016

“Mr. Trump was hospitalized only once, as a child of 11 years old for an appendectomy”, Bornstein wrote in the new letter, adding that Trump has a physical exam conducted each spring. His campaign then released a one-page letter from his longtime physician that said a number of test results were normal. We don’t have the results of a physical examination, and but what jumped at me the most from this letter is the issue of over-testing. It listed his weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and other figures.

Bornstein notes that there is “no family history of premature cardiac or neoplastic disease” and that Trump’s parents, Fred and Mary, “lived into their late 80s and 90s”. He said his cholesterol is “quite good” and that he had “every single test” and they are good.

All she would say was that the email leak underlines efforts by the Russians to try to interfere with U.S. elections and added that she was “increasingly concerned” by Mr Trump’s “alarming closeness with the Kremlin”. However, all of his test results were within normal range.

The medical revelation comes following the collapse of his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton at the 9/11 memorial event in NY, and the subsequent pneumonia diagnosis that prompted her to release additional medical information.

Trump, who has been relatively restrained in responding to questions this week about Clinton’s health, on Wednesday began wondering aloud, tauntingly, about whether Clinton could hold hour-long rallies. He said: “I would say I see a person that’s 35 years old”.

Perhaps taking a swipe at opponent Hillary Clinton’s recent bout with pneumonia, Trump also told Oz in the show that was taped Wednesday, “I think when you’re running for president, I think you have an obligation to be healthy”.

And Trump admitted that he would like to shed some pounds. He told Dr. Oz he’s been on the drug for a few years, and that it’s the third different brand of statin he’s tried.

Additionally, Trump’s testosterone level was included in the letter: 441.6, “which is actually – is good”, Oz said during the show. And today, in an interview with The Dr. Oz Show, he said that he supports making birth control available without a prescription. As stated in a previous letter from Bornstein (PDF), Trump’s PSA score was 0.15. “I don’t think you can do the work if you’re not healthy.” Huh.