Trump is far ahead on social media while Hillary in Live Surveys


It would be interesting to see which one will win, social media star or a survey star.

Well, as per as new reports, Donald Trump is far ahead in social media campaigns and he has been searched more than 380 million times on Google.

On the other hand, Hillary is far ahead of Trump in Live Surveys. Almost all surveys are showing Hillary ahead of Trump.

Both the teams are using online world at most to promote their agenda.

Both, Hillary and Trump, have their own personal production, whose officials aim to engage with people by presenting influential data.

In a research, almost 44 percent of voters admitted that they knew about campaigns and other information related to the presidential election, through social media more than the TV or newspapers, which clears the fact that people use and understand social media, much more than any other means of information.

And that’s the reason, why both parties are using the online world to impress more and more people.

As per as another survey, around 50,640 articles are yet written about this presidential election and among all of them, around 18,640 are in favor of Hillary and the remaining articles, means more than a half articles are in favor of trump.

According to a computer analysis website, even the number of favoring articles are less for Hillary, they have more impact on voters than Trump’s articles.

It would be really interesting to see, which party finally manages to attract more voters.