Tim Cook says Apple won’t release MacBook-iPad hybrid

There have been rumors in the past that Apple intends to merge the iPad and MacBook into one device, Apple could do this by creating a device like the Microsoft Surface Book. The report said: “Apple has confirmed to us that the new iPad Pro will in fact support USB 3.0 transfer speeds over its Lightning port”.

Cook also provided a non-comment about Apple’s rumored electric vehicle plans, emphasizing “a need for a focus on user interface”. Furthermore, Apple says the battery will last 10 hours, which makes the iPad Pro an improvement in power, performance and usability than most current laptops.

Although speculations of an Apple-branded convergence gadget has been going on for years, it is further fueled whenever Apple updates its ARM-based A-series chip, specifically its recent use of the A9X. That makes it still cheaper when compared to the Microsoft Surface Book which retails for a cool $1,499. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is a hybrid device which aims to bring together both a laptop and a tablet, but fails to flawless either. The introduction of the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard is bound to push the iPad to new heights, but in order to truly replace the PC, Apple needs to direct its efforts toward perfecting its software and incorporating more exciting features in the device. This wouldn’t be the first time when Apple actually changes its mind, as Tim Cook also said in 2012 that a tablet with a removable keyboard had no chance to succeed, and now the company’s making its very own such device… Though Cook has clarified that the company is not working on any such hybrid product at present, this does not mean that it won’t be there in the futurel.

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