This is how you can avoid virus attack on smartphone


When it comes to smartphone security, most of us completely trust on the anti-virus application. But wait, do we really need that?

Well, if you are a normal user, then you don’t need any type of extra protection, your phone is well-designed to handle such threats.

But even though, you need to take care of few things while floating on the internet:

#1 Download app from official app store, like Google Play Store for Android Users and Apple App Store for iPhone users. However, you can also download apps from other reputed store such as Amazon Store.

#2 Don’t use those apps, which are unknown to the market, it could have viruses. And before installing any third party app, read its reviews or search about its genuineness on Google.

#3 After installing third party app, it asks for ‘permission’, don’t allow everything it asks. Suppose, if an alarm clock app asks to see your photos or videos, then don’t allow it.

#4 Don’t click on every random thing while surfing the web.

#5 Keep your phone software updated. Giant companies like Google and Apple, update their software time to time to handle such condition more precisely and if you are not updated, the risk of getting infected increases automatically.

#6 Try to avoid connecting free Wi-Fi at a public place (until and unless you don’t the source). It may possible that with that network, some viruses get downloaded in your phone automatically.