Taliban Attacks on American Army Base in Afghanistan

Afghan security officials operation against Taliban militants in Kunduz

Taliban a few hours ago attacked with a bomb blast on the American Army Base in Afghanistan and it is believed that this attack is one of the biggest attacks ever happened on American Army in Afghanistan.

It has been reported that the bomb blast happened in the airbase near Bagram of Afghanistan, in which as per as current news four people are dead and more than 15 are injured.

Governor, Haji Sukor, said in a press conference that it is yet to be identified the countries which injured and dead people belong to.

On the other hand, American Military Commander General, John W. Nicholson, assured the families of the injured army men that they are providing every possible facility to them and they (families) need not worry.

He added, “we are keeping a good care of our injured soldiers”.

In another report, it has been cleared that the attack took place when the Army men were gathered to celebrate the American Veteran Day in their camp.

According to the report, we have received, Taliban has taken the responsibility of this deadly attack.

An Army Personnel said after the attack that they wouldn’t leave the attackers and they (attackers) have to pay for what they did.