“Super Mario Run” iOS game announced by Nintendo at Apple Keynote Event

The iPhone 7 and larger iPhone 7 Plus were revealed at an Apple event in San Francisco

Nintendo’s ever-popular mascot will be making the jump from console to mobile later this year, under the title of Super Mario Run. “We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy playing as Mario and they’ll be doing it in a brand new game: Super Mario Run”.

As revealed during the iPhone 7/Apple Watch press conference today, Nintendo is releasing a new Super Mario Bros. platformer on iOS.

The virtual reality game has been downloaded some 500 million times, Niantic chief John Hanke told the Apple event.

Mario will run automatically from left to right in iOS.

Super Mario is finally coming to the iPhone.

It also includes a new battle made which can be played against gamers across the world and will arrive later this year. The Super Mario Run gameplay is rather simple, Mario keeps on running and you have to tap and Mario jumps. There was a lot of talk about the game debuting on iOS this fall, enough to question whether it would be a platform exclusive. The game also features an synchronous multiplayer mode where you can compete against the scores of your friends and players online.

Gamers will be able to play the game with one-hand for first time, ideal for when needing a free hand to hang onto a subway pole or to keep playing while “eating hamburger”.

The new app will not be free-to-play. The better you do, the more Toads you’ll impress enough to join your own Mushroom Kingdom, which you can then customize with the coins you earn during your runs.

The game will cost a set price (not yet known), and will be released on the App Store later this year – nearly certainly in time for Christmas. Shigeru Miyamoto worked on the game as lead creator, continuing Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA.