Study reveals that possibility of breast cancer is found more in black women than white


A recent study, made by the UK Cancer Research Organisation, which has revealed few shocking figures regarding the rate of breast cancer in women.

The study says that black women are almost twice the number of white women, who are diagnosed with breast cancer in recent past.

A researcher reveals that this isn’t something which we can say “normal” because there are several reasons why black women are suffering comparatively more than white women.

And the very first and very important reason is unawareness.

Yes, most black women are unaware of the condition and hence they either ignore anything bad happen to them or they just feel not so comfortable to have a check-up.

Well, in the study itself, very less number of black women turned up when they were called for Mammography, an X-Ray of the breast to diagnose if there is a sign of cancer.

As per as reports, around 25 percent of black women were diagnosed with the last stage of cancer whereas only 13 percent of white women were in similar condition.

Experts say that ‘awareness’ is the major issue why these women don’t go for an early check-up. If they get out and have an early check-up, treatment would become easier.

And the organisation in Leeds, which work raising awareness regarding this breast cancer in such women and the interesting thing is most people who are working in the organisation either have breast cancer themselves or have seen sufferings of their loved ones.

Another expert says that in white people, they get diagnosed at an early stage and hence get treatment easily but black women choose to go to doctors once they reach a high level.