Starbucks have become a new stop for Pokémon Go Players

Just a few days after the Pokémon Go developer company, Niantic, has signed a bond with America’s largest cafe chain, Starbucks, more than half of the Starbucks Café have become a new stop for Go Players.

The partnership which explains that the Starbucks Cafes would be turned into Poke Stops and Gyms for the players who travels here and there in search of difference Pokémon.

In a blog post, the Gaming Company, Niantic, writes “we have established a partnership with Starbucks and the company has promised to provide spaces for social interaction and real-world community building in its extensive network of locations”.

It adds “we appreciate the role of the company (Starbucks) in providing a safe and welcoming places for all the players, who wish to get some refreshment as well as social engagements”.

As of now, more than half of the Starbucks in America, which makes the count to 3,500, are in process of becoming a Pokémon Hub for the players.

Another report explains that depending upon need, Starbucks can increase the count of Pokémon Shops in future.

Speaking about the change, a spokesperson from the Starbucks, told: “to enjoy the partnership and transformation, we are offering Pokémon Go-themed Frappuccino for a limited time”.

Before signing up with Starbucks, Niantic had already signed a partnership with Sprint and in this partnership the company aims to build more than 20,000 PokeStops and Gyms, across the country.

Pokémon Go had become very popular in its initial days by breaking several records on the internet and one of them was “maximum download from Play Store”.