Sony’s PlayStation 4 ‘Shingen’ update adds HDR support to every PS4 console


It’s a bit of a confusing time for PlayStation owners but the powers that be want it to be clear that every single PS4 game is going to be playable no matter what console you have, it just might look better on the Pro hardware. This update is now live and ready for download.

Sony unleashed a highly anticipated PlayStation 4 software update on the gaming public Tuesday with features including high-dynamic range (HDR) and support for the new PS4 Pro.

That’s because while your original PS4 – the actual original or the new slimmer model – does indeed support HDR from today, now there’s nothing you can run on it that makes use of the tech. For the PS4 Pro, the 1080p streaming will be available for Remote Play on PC/Mac and other compatible devices as well as for Share Play. However, you’ll need an HDR-capable TV in order to use the new feature. However, Twitch reduced the stream framerate to 30 frames per second (fps).

Beta testers already saw some of the new features of the Shingen update, including the ability to create folders as well as the improved Quick Menu screen. For YouTube, you can toggle between 30 and 60fps. This includes the new Activity Feed, so that you can clearly see what your online friends are up to on their PS4s. The Quick Menu now features an enhanced Music section that will allow a user to discover, play music on Spotify without opening the app. Gamers will be able to transfer games, user info, and saved data over a local network instead of having to backup to the cloud first. Folders will also offer more organization options for users while a new LAN connection function helps in transferring data from one console to another.