Siri gets Smarter in new Apple TV Update Available Today

Apple TV tvOS 10

If you’re now running the original build of tvOS on your Apple TV then we highly recommend going for the upgrade without any hesitation.

This is a notable update for iTunes, which is likely prompting a surge of downloads, but it’s unclear what’s causing the iCloud connectivity issues.

Your Apple TV is about to get a bunch of handy new features.

Apple’s tvOS 10 is officially out. For example, you could say “show me horror movies starring Christopher Lee”, or “show me crime TV shows from the 70s”.

Support for SIri in Sierra.

Starting with the new Apple Music design (seen above), Apple basically built the new look of the music streaming service from the ground up.

If you already have iTunes installed, update it. Now, there is a dark mode so that you can still use your Apple TV at night.

On the promised date, tvOS 10 has been released, and users around the globe with an Apple TV 4 can download it straight away. The single sign-on feature means that as long you’re logged into your pay TV provider in one app, all of your other pay TV apps will automatically work. The Photos app is also getting an update with the Memories feature. For more on this, check out the full TechCrunch report here. Those using abusive language or behavior will result in being blacklisted on Disqus.