Showdown: Congress Looks to Override Obama Veto of 9/11 Bill

Defense chief: 9/11 bill could have 'devastating' impact on US troops

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) set the vote on overriding the veto, along with two hours of debate, for Wednesday.

Carter amplified Obama’s concerns in a September 26 letter to Rep. Mac Thornberry of Texas, the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and an opponent of the legislation. Thornberry last week urged his GOP colleagues to let Obama’s veto stand.

It would need a two-thirds vote in the Senate and then the House to pass. It would be the first time Congress has overridden a veto during Obama’s presidency. If JASTA isn’t passed, the White House won’t have to worry about any lawsuits directed at its Saudi allies at all; if it is, the loopholes are wide enough to make it irrelevant.

In May, the Senate passed the measure by voice vote, and it was sponsored by Sens. During his almost two full terms in office, Obama has never had a veto overridden by Congress. Johnson’s predecessor, John F. Kennedy, also had no vetoes overridden. As an example, US troops, including those involved in counterterrorism operations, “would be vulnerable to accusations that their activities contributed to acts that allegedly violated foreign laws”, the president said.

“It’s Washington at its finest”, one of the people said.

Weakened by the Iran-Contra scandal in 1987, Ronald Reagan faced an uprising when he vetoed a popular highway bill.

“As far as I’m concerned this bill is a done deal”, Cornyn said.

Even senators vocally opposed to the legislation in its current form – like Sen Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) – seemed to be wavering Tuesday.

Writing for The New York Times, law professors Curtis Bradley (at Duke) and Jack Goldsmith (at Harvard) explained that immunity is a “reciprocal self-interest ” – an arrangement that has proved beneficial to the USA because “it conducts far more diplomatic, economic and military activities overseas than any other nation”. “That’s the concern the president has”. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who sponsored the bill. During the Second World War in 1945 US President Roosevelt and King Saud had taken Cruise ride together in the Great Bitter Lake in the Suez Canal, had laid the basis of the future relationship, that Saudi Arabia will give oil to U.S. and in return United States of America will protect the regime.

Banks managing the sale will watch any market reaction before making a decision and no contingency plans are in place in case of an override vote, another person said.

The scarce number of veto overrides is less astounding when considering the comparatively few vetoes.

The policy of waging “regime change” war and supporting the spread of terrorism against nations, is a British imperial policy, followed by both George W. Bush and Obama.

Strada, whose husband was a Cantor Fitzgerald bond trader who died when the World Trade Center collapsed on 9/11, drove to Washington on Tuesday from her home in New Jersey to continue lobbying for the override vote. He was the only to vote to uphold the veto. Truman vetoed 250 bills and Congress reversed 12.

It is no surprise the showdown comes late in Obama’s tenure.

“I recognize that there is nothing that could ever erase the grief the 9/11 families have endured”, Obama wrote.

Yemen used to be one of Obama’s vaunted success stories. “You are going to see suits filed very quickly” against Saudi Arabia, and some other countries are likely to move quickly to expose the lawsuits in their courts as well, Corker said. “It’s a nice trick to accuse a do-nothing Congress when nothing gets done, but it’s not a great sign of Obama’s leadership”.

Ryan has said he supports the override.