Sauber to miss Silverstone F1 test


Yet, through a combination of a brake-by-wire fault, a mistake in the first turn and a need to finally hold his own against his teammate, Nico Rosberg ran into Lewis Hamilton, handing the latter the win and himself a 10s time penalty. There is so much history and all the great drivers have raced and won there.

Nico Hulkenberg eyes a return to the points in Silverstone. The British Formula One Grand Prix will be held on Sunday July 10.

Can Lewis and Nico behave?

However, the one in Austria is arguably the most important yet. Mercedes has made clear that a repeat of Austria can not happen.

Red Bull also have two hard sets per driver, though they are taking more mediums than the Ferraris.

Silverstone should be a good test to see just how far both teams have come.

“The vehicle is very good in low-speed corners”. Silverstone is the third longest circuit on the calendar, and with 70% of the lap spent at full throttle, this weekend’s race is likely to reveal whether McLaren’s performance in Austria was circuit-specific, or whether it will be more long-term in nature. Maybe the battle at the front will open up again.

It is more essential for Rosberg to prove himself in close combat, as it is he who really needs to win this championship, and show Hamilton how mentally resilent he is. His seat is coming under increasing scrutiny, and although the alternatives are hardly compelling, Ferrari will want some reasons as to why it should stick with him.

After stepping up to F1 in 2000 Button says his maiden British Grand Prix that year or his near-miss in 2014 stand out as his favourite memories of the race.

Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren have all opted for different tyre allocations at the British Grand Prix.

Leaving Austria empty-handed was very disappointing. As Jenson (Button) said, it’s a great thing to arrive here and have the incredible support that we have. “Put it P5 and obviously got lifted up to P3 and was running P2 for a bit of the race, but we were quickly put in our place. To beat the cars that we did, we did alright”. Not just the win, even being on the podium. Will this be the last chance JB gets though?

Manor has faced a large a large volume of negative publicity and criticism since its entry into F1 as Virgin Racing in 2010, as the team has largely found itself dead last in the pecking order and some way off the pace.

Appearing in Thursday’s pre-race press conference, Button, along with fellow Brits Lewis Hamilton and Jolyon Palmer, was asked why his home race is regarded as one of the highlights of the season.

“The team’s home race is always a busy weekend because our factory is next to the track”.

Particular importance will be placed on Esteban Gutierrez’s race.

It has been a season of experimentation for Romain Grosjean and Haas. With rain a real possibility during this year’s race, drivers may find themselves trying to eke every last drop of life from their dry-weather tyres before pitting.

But us Brits never waver when the going gets tough.

But the Finn hopes home-track advantage can count.