Samsung Note 2 catches fire onboard IndiGo flight

Half of Galaxy Note 7 phones exchanged in US

“The phone was kept in the overhead bin. IndiGo has voluntarily informed the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation)”, the statement added. Moreover, DGCA has also summoned Samsung officials on Monday. Soon after take off, passengers began to smell something burning aboard the flight while the crew noticed there was smoke in the cabin.

The DGCA recently issued an advisory asking passengers carrying Samsung Note 7 to switch it off on board.

The flight crew had to use a fire extinguisher on the phone and placed it in a container filled with water. The incident of Note 2 catching fire happened in a Singapore-Chennai IndiGo flight, which created panic among the passengers and the airline staffs.

Samsung has confirmed that it has exchanged half of all the Galaxy Note 7 units sold in the United States, less than a week after it started a swap programme for the faulty smartphone. This mobile handset will be further examined by the concerned departments.

A Samsung Galaxy smartphone stored in an overhead baggage compartment on an Indian plane has emitted smoke mid-flight, India’s aviation regulator says, but there was no damage and the aircraft landed safely.

Samsung said Thursday that 90% of Note 7 owners in the us have opted to receive new versions of the phone.

The recall has put fresh pressure on Samsung, which is already squeezed by competition from Apple in the high-end market and Chinese rivals in the low-and mid-end segment.

Well a company spokesman said Samsung was looking into the incident.

The decision of nearly all Galaxy Note 7 owners to go with the replacement device can be considered a surprising one, as customers seemingly have not lost their trust in the company after the issues surrounding the smartphone. “We are in touch with local authorities to gather more information and investigate whether there were any external factors involved”, the company statement said.