Ryan, Clinton campaign push back against Trump’s election rigging charge

Following a week of turmoil for Donald Trump what House Speaker Paul Ryan needs most may be beyond his powers

The turmoil within the Republican Party and the tensions between Mr. Trump and Mr. Ryan came up only obliquely during Mr. Ryan’s visit with college Republicans.

“Several of the Republican Party’s most generous donors called on the Republican National Committee on Thursday to disavow Donald J. Trump, saying that allegations by multiple women that Mr. Trump had groped or made inappropriate sexual advances toward them threatened to inflict lasting damage on the party’s image”, the paper wrote.

The events have also foiled Trump’s late-in-the-campaign plan to re-ignite his hope of carrying Wisconsin.

That’s why they’d need a late-breaking wave in which Hillary Clinton wins by a double-digit margin with some demoralized Republicans staying home and angry Trump voters punishing down-ballot Republicans.

“Trump received a record number of votes out here in the southwest suburbs during the primary”, said Morrison, who is the GOP committeeman of Palos Township and also serves as Cook County commissioner of the 17 District.

Juliana Bergeron, the Republican committeewoman from New Hampshire, agreed. Looking to the 2018 USA congressional election and the 2020 presidential election, Heye said: “In two to four years, the stain on our party’s soul won’t be washed away”. They launched this political approach, and now they act surprised when Trump adopts it, turns the volume up one notch, and turns the daggers toward his own opponents in the GOP as well?

Overall, the RNC reports raising $262.3 between January 1, 2015 and September 30 of this year, a roughly $20 million improvement from this point in the 2012 election. “If that other person wins, you won’t recognize this country in eight years”.

One example, he said, is the ability for businesses to personalize approaches, which he said Obama’s “one-size-fits-all approach” to health care does not take into account. But that comes at the cost of slowly degrading their own credibility by painting an escalating cast of horrors and dangers they’re never able to solve and in most cases do not even logically address.

Trump and his allies began October with $75 million in cash reserves – exactly half of what Clinton’s team said it had.

The Trump campaign has yet to respond to Ryan’s comments.

There’s still an opportunity for my fellow Republican brethren to stand up, reject Trump’s ilk and live to fight another day.

Trump is extraordinarily unpopular in California, even for a Republican in the famously liberal state. The next presidential debate on Wednesday will be the last chance for there to be any substantive discussion about real policy change.

In response, Trump delivered a strong debate performance and solidified his base support.

He says, “I think she’s actually getting pumped up” while she’s off the trail.

Polling in Iowa has shown a close race between Trump and Clinton, with more recent polls showing Trump ahead.

The dailies include newspapers that supported Mitt Romney in 2012 (from the Houston Chronicle to the Tulsa World to the Birmingham News to the New York Daily News), and newspapers that always go Republican, or have for decades. The bombastic billionaire has taken to his Twitter account to lob verbal bombs at “disloyal Republicans” who have abandoned him. Ryan, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Rubio followed.

Since the nomination, he has drawn much bigger crowds than any other Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan. After holding out, Cruz endorsed Trump last month, just before the candidate went into a public-opinion tailspin. It would require capturing roughly 40 Republican-held seats this year, and even with Trump’s witless help, that seems out of reach for Democrats. Richard Burr, who’s also fighting to retain his seat, said he accepts Trump’s statements that he didn’t commit sexual assault and still supports Trump politically because he’s anxious more about Hillary Clinton’s “lack of judgment”.

Many people asked: “Why is this video the last straw when Trump has already crossed the line on so many issues?” The problem is that among the party elite, there is utter hatred for Trump.

He said he has talked with Northeastern Pennsylvania’s two Republican congressmen, former Hazleton mayor Lou Barletta, R-11, Hazleton, and former USA attorney Tom Marino, R-10, Lycoming County, and each is firm in his backing of Trump, “No matter what the leader said”.