Rhythmic gymnastics: Russia’s Mamun wins individual all-around gold

Rio Olympics 2016: Margarita Mamun wins individual all-around rhythmic gymnastics

Silver medallist Yana Kudryavtseva of Russian Federation, gold medal victor Margarita Mamun of Russian Federation, bronze medallist Ganna Rizatdinova of Ukraine (L-R) during the medal ceremony for the rhythmic gymnastics individual all-around final.

The 20-year-old gymnast, whose father is an engineer from Bangladesh settled in Moscow and mother a former gymnast, scored 76.483 points to grab the gold ahead of her compatriot Y Kydryavtseva, who scored 75.408 points to take the silver in a tense final round.

Throwing the club high into the air, she rolled over on the floor ready to catch it as she went to strike her final pose, only to have the apparatus land beyond her outstretched hand.

Twenty years later, the Spanish Group (Sandra Aguilar, Artemi Gavezou, Elena Lopez, Lourdes Mohedano and Alejandra Quereda) shimmied to first place in the qualification round in Rio Saturday, ahead of the Russians, whose team has won every Olympic gold since 2000.

Margarita Mamun of Russian Federation took gold in the rhythmic gymnastics all-around on Saturday in Rio.

So had Mamun instantly been aware of Kudryavtseva’s mistake?

“I only saw Yana’s score when I and Yana had both finished performing with the ribbon (about 30 minutes later and her score flashed up)”. As the 2015 World bronze medallist, Belarus’s Melitina Staniouta began as a potential podium contender, but after two mistakes with the Clubs she could only shake her head at her fifth place finish. She was the top qualifier to the individual all-around with a 74.383 in the qualification round. “When I was younger my dad used to teach me Bengali but I have forgotten it all”.

The “Bengal Tiger” and the “Angel with Iron Wings”, as Mamun and Kudryavtseva are nicknamed, are close friends and training partners out of competition. Rio was the first Olympics since 1996 that the USA was represented by a rhythmic gymnastics group.