Rape accused: She didn’t give ‘hard no’

An alleged rapist says he thought he was having consensual sex.

A MAN accused of raping a woman he invited back to his house says he thought he was having consensual sex because she didn’t give him a “hard no”.

Austin Michael Brown, 22, from Idaho will face court on September 21 over the June incident.

The woman told police Brown forcibly took her clothes off and had sex with her against her will, according to court documents seen by KTVB.

She said she repeatedly told Brown to stop and tried to fight him off, but he allegedly held her down.

Brown at first denied he had sex with the woman but later admitted the incident, police said.

He told police the woman had told him “no” but that it wasn’t a “hard no”, according to court documents.

The case comes after Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner, 20, was found guilty of sexually assaulting a young woman near a trash bin after they drank heavily at a fraternity party in January 2015

Turner’s case exploded into the spotlight when a poignant statement from the victim swept through social media and critics decried the six-month sentence given to Turner as too lenient.

he was released from jail only three months into his sentence.