PS4 4.00 firmware update now released

Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Special Edition won't support save transfers

Once again, every PS4 will play every game so this shouldn’t worry those who aren’t upgrading to the new console.

We we just told you moments ago, the PS4 4.0 system software update is now live adding a lot of cosmetic changes to the PS4 UI but perhaps more importantly, bringing the new PS4 “HDR” or High Dynamic Range feature to the system.

Playstation 4’s latest big firmware update, 4.00, is now released in all regions. It’s going to offer HDR and 4K visuals as well as enhanced graphics on selected games.

You can see one Xbox One owner ask the same question in a recent Tweet above, but then again what kind of HDR are Sony exactly offering to PS4 users? Update 4.0 brings with it the long awaited addition of a Folders feature to the popular content launcher and library for the PlayStation 4. Owners of compatible TVs will be able to select HDR in the Video Output Settings for gaming and streaming entertainment content.

Streaming in 1080p on Twitch, YouTube and remote play has also been enabled as preparation for the soon-to-be available PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. If you like to listen to music while playing, the company made some upgrades to the Music section of the Quick Menu screen so that you can control the Spotify app without leaving the game.

Beta testers already saw some of the new features of the Shingen update, including the ability to create folders as well as the improved Quick Menu screen. This includes the new Activity Feed, so that you can clearly see what your online friends are up to on their PS4s. Everything including game saves, data and account information can be transferred from one console to another with the help of a LAN connection.