Presidential debate: Trump calls Clinton ‘the devil’

Clinton Trump clash in 2nd debate CNN's Reality Check Team vets the claims

But Trump shot back that Clinton has “tremendous hate in her heart”.

In the video and at the debate, Trump could have just apologized.

The moderators quickly dived into the controversy surrounding the recent publishing of an audio recording of Donald Trump from 2005, on which he made a number of disparaging comments towards women.

“You know I’m automatically attracted to handsome – I just start kissing them”, Trump can be heard saying on the tape. One of the women objectified in the video is former Access Hollywood correspondent and current host of CBS’s Entertainment Tonight Nancy O’Dell, who condemned the comments in a statement.

Between Donald Trump’s unhinged behavior at the first presidential debate and his nightmare news week, expectations for how he’d perform at the second debate were low.

The debate took a “town hall” format, inviting questions from the audience and also sourcing them from social media. The voters, all from the St. Louis area, were selected by Gallup.

Trump held a news conference prior to the debate, seated among four women who said they were mistreated by the Clintons.

He later asked Trump if he had done the things that he talked about on the tape, coming on to women by groping and kissing them. It said Clinton emerged the victor because she went into the debate with “massive momentum in the race – much of it caused by Trump’s stumbles – and didn’t make any sort of glaring error that would allow the Republican back into the contest”.

So much for the contrite Donald Trump. If that’s his priority, how he’s going to have time to destroy ISIS, repeal Obamacare and oversee “extreme vetting” of Muslim immigrants?

“Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously”.

Introduced by Trump as “very courageous women”, the invited speakers included Paula Jones, a former government employee in Arkansas who sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, and Juanita Broaddrick, also of Arkansas, who claims that Clinton raped her in 1978.

“Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am”.

Clinton said: “There is no evidence that any classified material ended up in the wrong hands”. Her lawsuit against him was dismissed in 2001 and criminal charges were never filed. Clinton denied the allegations and an investigation was inconclusive.

Not only that, Trump said, Clinton had laughed at the girl.

The video was given to the Washington Post by an anonymous source.

Trump described the nuclear deal Washington made with Tehran as the “dumbest deal ever in the history of deal making”. According to a Politico/Morning Consult poll, 74 percent of those surveyed say the party should stand by him, but a CBS poll of battleground states show 53 percent of likely voters say the scandal lowers their view of him. Confronted with contradictions in his position and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s comments on whether the USA should be ready to use force to protect civilians in the war in Syria, Trump bluntly rebuked his running mate.

Other Republicans have taken the extraordinary step of revoking support for their party’s nominee. The group called Trump’s words as “outright and blatant sexism”.

On Monday, Trump’s campaign manager backed off Trump’s threat to throw Clinton in jail.

Clinton’s not ideal. But she’s not the devil and she doesn’t have hate in her heart, although she may be developing some for Trump. She comments on his lack of understanding of how governance works.

Bleeding supporters and running out of time, Donald Trump fought and clawed his way through his second debate with Democrat Hillary Clinton. And civil libertarians should be distressed that, instead of denouncing Trump’s demand that American Muslims prove their loyalty by acting as informants-“Muslims have to report the problems when they see them”-Clinton effectively echoed the suggestion: “We need American Muslims to be part of our eyes and ears on our front line”.