Pope hails volunteers on eve of Mother Teresa sainthood

Springfield Bishop Celebrating Mother Teresa At Berkshire Parish

Father Brian Kolodiejchuk, the Canadian priest who promoted her sainthood cause, said September 1 in the Vatican that hundreds of thousands of faithful are expected to attend the canonization service in front of St. Peter’s basilica, The News Nigeria reported.

The number of homes that the Missionaries of Charity run has grown to almost 750 in India and overseas, from the 600 that Mother Teresa left when she died in 1997.

A group of nuns will travel to the Vatican for the canonization ceremony, and those who remain in Kolkata will mark the day with prayers of thanks.

In 1972, while on another round-the-world journey, this time visiting the Philippines, I found out that Sister Agnes, now known to the world as Mother Teresa, was opening her first overseas mission in Manila, and I visited with her.

The tiny, stooped nun had her critics.

The traditional canonization procedure requires at least two miracles. Then prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif called her “a rare and unique individual who lived long for higher purposes”, while the former UN secretary general Javier Pérez de Cuéllar said simply that “she was the United Nations”. If the investigation can not find any other explanation for the event, it maybe classed as a miracle.

Mother Teresa died nine days after her 87th birthday on Sep 5, 1997.

A nun holds a photo of Mother Teresa in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican one day before her canonisation in Rome. “She was instrumental in our baptism”, she told RNS.

As the Vatican confers sainthood on Mother Teresa on Sunday, thousands of miles away in a nondescript West Bengal village, a tribal woman will be deeply engrossed in prayer. “Really we are overjoyed with that”, she said, because now the church will proclaim to the whole world that she’s a saint. I feel so proud. Mother Teresa “is so real”.

When she awoke from sleep, she claims the lumps she had been able to feel had vanished.

One of them, Marcilio Andrino of Brazil, unexpectedly recovered from a severe brain infection in 2008.

‘It will be the Vatican, Pope Francis and the Missionaries of Charity’.

There have been some religious leaders who have been vying for her ascension into sainthood for years, and it is finally happening.

Monica Besra, whose “miraculous cure” started the process of declaring the Mother a saint, will seek her blessings even as the renowned nun is canonised by Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic Church. Vatican made a decision to fast-track Mother Theresa’s canonization, normally, a process that can take centuries. His father spent a month with her in Calcutta in 1976. Mother Teresa saw herself as “small pencil in the hands of the Lord” and went about her work quietly, offering smiles and warm human gestures. “When you were in her presence, you had her undivided attention, whether it was a significant person who was well known or somebody poor that nobody would recognize”.

“There is no change in our way of treating the sick and dying – we follow the same rule that Mother had introduced”, said Sister Nicole, who runs the Nirmal Hriday home in the ancient district of Kalighat, the first to be set up by Mother Teresa in 1952.