Obama to Clinton: ‘Hurry up’

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Waiting aboard Air Force One, U.S. President Barack Obama shouts “Let’s go!” to former president Bill Clinton after the two attended the funeral for former Israeli leader, Shimon Peres.

US President Barack Obama at the funeral of former Israeli President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem. Picture: AP /Ariel Schalit

HE holds the most powerful office in the world, but even Barack Obama is forced to cool his heels sometimes.

The US President was in Israel attending the funeral for Shimon Peres, but his return to the US was delayed as former president Bill Clinton chatted on the tarmac.

Video recorded at Jerusalem’s airport shows Obama in the doorway of Air Force One, engines running in preparation for the return to the United States.

The president is rolling up his sleeves and looks anxious to be on his way home.

At one point, Obama yells, “Bill, let’s go”. He claps his hands to get Clinton’s attention and motions for Clinton to come aboard.

Seconds later, Obama exits the plane, stands at the top of the staircase and shouts, “Bill, let’s go, I gotta get home”.

Clinton then climbs the stairs. The two shake hands and pat each other’s backs before stepping inside the plane.