Obama Hypes US Cyberwar Capabilities, Warns Russia to ‘Act Responsibly’

Obama seeks to convince Asian partners that Washington will approve TPP

With the summit taking place after Britain’s vote in June to exit the European Union and before the US presidential election in November, observers expect G20 leaders to mount a defence of free trade and globalisation and warn against isolationism.

Obama, who is in China to attend the G20 trade summit, told Reuters that “western values and ideals” were at the heart of the issue, and hinted, specifically, that China was reluctant to accommodate the president and the media entourage that traveled with him because the nominally Communist state does not enjoy the same press freedoms as the U.S. He said his talks had been “candid, blunt and businesslike”.

Furthermore, throughout the two-day summit, US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, met, but failed to clinch a breakthrough. “But given the gaps of trust that exist, that’s a tough negotiation”.

The deal depends on the two sides agreeing to closer military co-ordination against extremist groups operating in Syria, something the Russians have long sought and the United States resisted.

Mr Obama’s meeting with Mr Putin came as the Russian Federation leader is at the centre of controversy surrounding the USA presidential election. But Obama “suggested the US has concerns about Russian Federation holding up its end of the bargain and enforcing the terms”, the wire service writes. “It is indisputable that it would create a better deal for us than the status quo”, Obama said.

Mr Putin has denied his government was involved, but cheered the release of the information.

Peskov reported earlier that Putin and Obama had conducted brief informal discussions on several occasions on Sunday, in the framework of the eleventh G20 summit.

“If an agreement can be reached, we want to do so urgently, because of the humanitarian situation”.

“I don’t have to sell it to Asian leaders here who were part of the negotiations because they see this as the right thing to do for their own countries”, Obama told reporters at the close of the G20 summit in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. French President Francois Hollande hailed the ratification as an “important step” by the two biggest carbon emitters in the world. Al-Assad’s forces, and in the past Russian planes, have bombed USA -backed Syrian rebels under the guise of fighting ISIS.