NY cop attacked with meat cleaver

A man with a meat cleaver has allegedly attacked an NYPD officer.

A MAN armed with a meat cleaver attacked a police officer in New York after an argument over his car getting clamped.

The attacker was then shot by officers, hitting him multiple times, reported the New York Post.

Uniformed police had been called to the area to chase the man with the cleaver, who was angry his car had been clamped. When the suspect refused to drop his weapon, a sergeant stepped in and tasered him, the Post reported, citing law enforcement sources.

A struggle broke out and an off-duty detective who happened to be there tried to help his colleagues, but was struck in the head with the meat cleaver.

The officers started shooting at the attacker, hitting him multiple times. A bullet grazed one of the officers in the back, while a third officer was also injured.

The incident happened near Penn Station about 5pm local time. The area was full of people beginning their after work commute.

The officers were taken to Bellevue Hospital. Their injuries weren’t thought to be life-threatening.

The detective struck with the cleaver is undergoing surgery, but isn’t thought to have life threatening injuries. The attacker is in critical condition.

More to come.