North Korea only has 28 websites

North Korea Has Just 28 Websites

Programmers on GitHub accessed the data and found that there are just 28 sites on the entire country’s internet, while Reddit users compiled a list of the sites, and what each one would be used for.

On Tuesday, apparently by mistake, North Korea misconfigured its nameserver, essentially a list that holds information on all of the domains that exist, allowing anyone to query it and get the list.

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According to the TLDR (TLD Records) project, which runs automated zone requests against top-level domains in order to act as an historical archive, the Norks reconfigured one of their nameservers for space and briefly forgot to block global zone transfers.

Usually, this kind of data is only available to top-level domain registrars only.

According to reports, majority of the leaked sites are dedicated to describing everyday activities of the nation’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un. appears to be a religious website.

Most of the websites seem pretty banal, such as the site of the state-owned Air Koryo airline, or that of the Kim Il Sung University. One article titled, Peruvian Party Urges US To Stop Nuclear Threat And Sanctions Against DPRK, allegedly made false claims about the government in Peru speaking out against US President Barack Obama’s denouncement of North Korea’s nuclear tests.

THE GLORIOUS internet of North Korea is a pretty sparse and boring affair, according to a leak of the country’s DNS servers.

Among the sites discovered were a few that appeared clones of popular western social media sites, such as, which appears to be a clone of Facebook.

Thanks to (presumably) a higher-up in the country making a awful mistake, the e-sleuths at GitHub were able to access information on all the websites hosted on the reclusive country’s servers.

The sites include a flight booking site, a recipe website (the new replacement for BBC Food perhaps?) and a film festival website, while several are inaccessible, throwing up DNS errors.