New PlayStation Camera, Headphones And Accessories Unveiled

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After the PS4 Pro reveal yesterday afternoon, Lead Systems Architect Mark Cerny admitted that Sony has been working on the PlayStation 4 Pro right after the original PS4 released. You can preorder the PlayStation 4 Pro from Gamestop here.

Sony has commented on the PS4 Pro’s surprising lack of a 4K Blu-ray player, and you might not be happy with the response. All games on the console will run at 1080p resolution on the console, with some stated to “even run in a higher or more stable framerate”.

The PlayStation 4 Pro, which is targeted at more serious gamers and features a 1TB hard drive, will be available starting November 10 with a retail price of $399.

There is a lot of discussion going on already if the PS4 Pro is a worthwhile investment.

More precisely, it is the x86-64 AMD Jaguar octa-core CPU that powers the new PS 4 Pro, along with 4.20 TFLOPS AMD Radeon GPU and 8GB of GDDR5 memory to take care of graphics files. Again, every game that comes out for the Pro will also work on the regular PS4.

Sony said in June that it was planning to launch the high-end PlayStation 4 – codenamed Neo, but not necessarily to be released under that name – as a way of keeping up interest in the console.

Jonathan Blow has announced today that he and his team at Thekla Inc plan to deliver a patch for The Witness, enhancing the game’s visual quality, on November 10 when the PS4 Pro launches.

As soon as more specifications are released by Sony for the new PlayStation camera we will keep you up-to-date as always.

“I think for $299 the Xbox One S with 4K Blu-Ray, with HDR, with the upgraded controller with Bluetooth, and the new design, I think we’ve got a killer product that beats their PS4 Slim on the low end”.

We imagine the decision to restrict potential frame rate improvements for multiplayer games running on the PS4 Pro was a tough one for Sony to make.