New Humble Mobile Bundle offers refreshing variety

Humble Mobile Bundle 20 for Android Features Tomb Raider 1 and 2 Last Horizon and More for $1

Beating the average of around $6 gets you source code for five more games along with Galactic Missile Defense, Home, Solstice, and an HTML5 Module for GameMaker.

Looking for some new games, then the Humble Mobile Bundle 20 has arrived to scratch that gaming itch.

Pay $5 or more for all of that plus Space Grunts and Cosmonautica.

The usual payment methods of Credit Card, Amazon Payment or PayPal are available and you can split your payments between the developers, the Humble Bundle team and the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play Charity. The pricing tiers stay the same as well, which means $1 will snag you four great games. Beat the average (US$4.40 at the time of writing) and you’ll get adventure title Always Sometimes Monsters as well as arcade action game Shooting Stars. If you pay $15 or more you also get the Android, iOS and Windows UWP publishing modules as well as 3 more games with source code. It will keep you busy for ages folks. So what can you get in this bundle? Each of these two Android games are available for purchase for around $1.5 on Google Play, but if you purchase the Humble Mobile Bundle 20 you will be getting them for just $1 plus to more games: Cloud Chasers and Last Horizon. If you’re ready to get your game on and help out some good causes, hit up the link below.