New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte rescinds support for Donald Trump

The Latest: White House says Trump not a role model

President Barack Obama is postponing a planned Florida rally for Hillary Clinton because of Hurricane Matthew.

In all, about three fourths of Republican members of the Senate either condemned the comments, said they weren’t voting for the Republican nominee or asked that he resign. Nor did large Republican-supporting Super PACs such as Club for Growth and Koch Industries’ Freedom Partners Action Fund.

He said “the unbelievable rhetoric” from Trump has been “disturbing”. “I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize”. Kelly Ayotte rescinded her support for Donald Trump on Saturday and said she’d write in his running mate, Mike Pence, for the presidency.

I think so. I think the comments on the Access Hollywood tape that Trump made were for a lot of Republicans simply a bridge too far.

John Kasich said he could no longer support Trump after the release of his vulgar and sexually charged comments caught on tape.

Crapo, one of five Republican Mormons in the U.S. Senate, made his announcement the morning after two of the others, Sens.

“Governor Mike Pence will be representing me tomorrow in Wisconsin”, Trump’s statement said.

Ayotte has received little support from pro-gun groups in 2016, with the NRA spending less than $50,000 in independent expenditures on the race. The ad also notes that as early as last week’s Senatorial debate in New Hampshire, Ayotte said she would consider Trump a role model for America’s youth.

Even among Republicans, Trump fared poorly on the role model question. “I’ve never withdrawn in my life”.

“I think the people of New Hampshire, I trust them, they are going to look at who is going to be the best voice for New Hampshire and the U.S. Senate, and that means someone who is going to be able to work across the aisle”. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. Earlier this week, Trump suggested many of those past comments were made “for the objective of entertainment”.

In any case, the poll did not show any erosion of support for Ayotte following her comment.

When you are a USA senator running for re-election who has to apologize for saying your nominee for president is a role model for children, things may be going subpar for you. Trump has refused to release his tax returns.

He says it’s inconsistent with protecting women from abusive, disparaging treatment.

“I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there”, he said. Only 17 percent of voters told the Politico/Morning Consult survey…

In Indiana, a WTHR-Howey Indiana Politics Poll on Thursday said that Clinton narrowed her gap with Trump in the state by 2 points.

Ayotte and her rival are playing a game of political guilt-by-association. Like Ms. Ayotte, many Republican senators have struggled to reconcile their fortunes with those of Mr. Trump.

A prominent New Hampshire Republican activist said Donald Trump should step aside for the good of the GOP and the country.

Ayotte is the latest in a series of high-profile Republican lawmakers to publicly renounce Trump following the tape’s release.

Kaine tells CNN’s “State of the Union” that it’s “much more than words”. Previous statements about women? She needs to finally find a way out of this Donald Trump mess. Trump’s nomination has hardly united the GOP, the “Stop Trump” campaign was fiercely waged but with the election just a month away an uneasy truce emerged. Clinton brought up Trump’s history of crude comments about women during their first encounter. He claimed to have “tremendous support”. The rally was in Ryan’s congressional district.

“Thank you!” the candidate shouted, as the crowd cheered Brennan. Trump may not stand down, but this weeks scandals will surely make the next presidential debate compulsive viewing. They are doubling down on ads tying Trump to vulnerable Republicans in suburban Minneapolis, Northern Virginia and northern New Jersey. “She has failed the test of courage, character and judgment”. Bill Clinton has long denied the accusations.

As Hillary Clinton’s supporters started to drown out the man, the former president waved them off and engaged him.

When you think of politicians courting Millennial voters, you think of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sitting down with comedy actor Zach Galifianakis for a amusing, yet awkward interview on his show.

And yet the Trump effort here, like its efforts elsewhere, is being conducted amid a Republican Party in turmoil.

Trump’s task in Sunday’s faceoff is enormous.