Musicians Join Hand in support of Hillary in US Election


In past few months, several musicians and actors have taken a clear stand and supported one particular candidate for the next US President.

Yet, along with several personalities; Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga have showed their strong support to Hillary and also participated in several concert.

Madonna during her performance, quoted a Trump’s slogan and said “this concert is only for unifying the America”.

“This is not for making America great, but for keeping America great”, she added.

In an another performance, Gaga urged people of America to show their ‘unity’ in Clinton’s rally, which was planned in North Carolina.

Experts believe that Clinton has got huge support from dozens of celebrities whereas Trump struggles to get such support from celebrities.

On the final campaigning day, both the parties tried to throw their 100 percent in order to attract the voters. But there was huge deference between sayings of both candidates.

On one hand, Hillary urged people of America to be united and also confirmed that she would work to make people united and equal in America after this election war is over.

However, Trump continued his argument on Hillary’s Email Case and said “the America hasn’t witnessed such corrupt person ever to stand in presidential election”.

As per as current news, voting has begun and more than 46 million voters have voted.