Mother Teresa declared saint in massive Vatican ceremony

Mother Teresa declared a saint by Pope Francis

Mother was declared a Saint by Pope Francis before over 1.20 lakh devotees at the Vatican on Sunday, becoming one of the fastest Saints in the history of the Catholic Church.

Rita Ora has described her performance at a concert to celebrate Mother Teresa’s canonisation as “a moment I cherish forever”.

Standing under a canvas hung from St. Peter’s Basilica showing the late nun in her blue-hemmed white robes, Francis said she was a “dispenser of divine mercy” and held world powers to account “for the crimes of poverty they created”.

“Mother Teresa loved to say, “perhaps I don’t speak their language but I can smile”. “Now, just a little over 20 years later, we see her canonized”.

At the Mother House of the Missionaries of Charity group that she founded in Kolkata, hundreds of people clapped with delight when Francis declared her a saint.

When the Litany of the Saints was read during the canonization ceremony, it was clear that over the centuries, the church had sainted far more men than women. But the church uses the spelling of Calcutta in its references to Mother Teresa.

Pilgrims streamed into the square from early morning ahead of a service to honour the nun and Nobel peace laureate, who worked among the world’s poorest in the slums of the Indian city now known as Kolkata.

“She has now been proclaimed one of the holy, already in heaven, and we can pray to her, we can venerate her, we can ask her intercession for help”, said Bishop Peter Libasci of the Diocese of Manchester.

Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu was a tiny Albanian woman born an Ottoman citizen in 1910, in Skopje. I believe Mother loved the people here more.

While large, the bunch was not even half of the 300,000 who turned out for Mother Teresa the, thanks of ‘s 2003 in part anxieties in the aftermath of Islamic extremist attacks in Europe. Her Missionaries of Charity has been a beacon of light for the poorest of the poor for decades, another reason why there’s universal appreciation of the Vatican’s decision.

The staunchly pro-life nun was not a stranger to controversy during her lifetime, when some criticized her for poor conditions at the clinics she ran in spite of millions in donations.