More than 70 people are hospitalized due to Carbon Monoxide exposure


In Ohio, more than 70 people were taken to hospital after they suffered serious breathing issues due to exposure of Carbon Monoxide.

As per as reports, the Lorain County Automotive Systems, an Ohio-based manufacturing company, was forced to evacuate its building after employees suffered severe breathing and other issues.

It all started when on Wednesday night, an employee complaint of having severe chest pains. Soon, several other employees joined him with similar issues.

The toxic fumes were so dangerous that condition of around 70 employees became worse and they were immediately transferred to hospital.

Several other employees suffered a headache and coughs.

It is believed that all the employees would soon recover completely.

After evacuating the building, the emergency services was called who used a gas detector to find out the level of toxic gas.

A firefighter from the team, later explained that the reading was comparatively too heavy for a normal person and if it wasn’t informed on time, it would have done severe damages.

Later the plant manager told the media that building’s heating ventilation system got failed around 8PM.

The manufacturing company will remain shut for few days until the investigation to find the cause of the gas leak is done.