Michelle Obama, Chelsea Clinton and Bernie Sanders to go to Arizona

Clinton, Sanders both sought Larry David's endorsement

Anna Chelsea, a field organizer in Bangor for the Clinton campaign, opened the discussion by explaining how the Clinton team plans to win the upcoming election.

Sanders says Hillary Clinton has pledged to overturn Citizens United within her first 100 days as president.

A group of influential progressive intellectuals are giving Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton their seal of approval ― and urging fellow progressives, including those who supported Sen.

It was standing room only at the Northern Arizona University auditorium. I know she wasn’t the president back then, but she touted the bill as if it were her own.

She said she hopes Clinton will follow through with her tilt toward policies Sanders campaigned for, like free college tuition and the importance of education.

The former candidate, who has endorsed Clinton, directly addressed the former realty TV star’s fans in Fort Collins, Colorado, on Monday, ahead of a scheduled visit by Trump.

The Trump campaign released a statement about Sanders’ appearances in Arizona. “I think his positions are very good”, Sanders said of the former New Mexico governor.

“You and I and Hillary Clinton, we’ve got a bit of a different vision for America than does Mr. Trump”.

Broaddrick has said Clinton raped her in Little Rock in 1978 and bit her lip during the alleged assault.

Sanders criticized a video that recently surfaced of Trump boasting about groping women, and said even before running for office, Trump was a proponent of the Birther movement.

“Politics does not end on Election Day”, he said. Adelson and the Kochs have spent millions this election trying to get Republicans elected. Sanders’ criticism of the candidates drew more people onto his Twitter account than any one of the GOP candidates that appeared on the debate stage. Sanders said that Clinton understands that the minimum wage has to be raised. What I am a supporter of is the issues that Bernie campaigned for. “About 80 percent of the Democratic National platform is what we believe in”.

For Wall, Sanders’ words about equality for everyone really hit home – as a gay man, he said, he wants to be able to have the same rights as everyone else. Sanders has consistently fought against fossil fuels and for more action to fight climate change, often openly challenging Clinton’s commitment to the climate…

“Real change always comes from the bottom up and never from the top on down”, Sanders said.

Sergio Maldonado, a second-year psychology transfer student and founder of the Cal Poly Pomona for Bernie Sanders Facebook page, considers himself an issue-oriented, non-partisan voter and made a decision to back Stein after Sanders fell short of the Democratic nomination.