Many of us could never vote for Clinton

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A majority of Americans say Democrat Hillary Clinton won Monday night’s presidential debate, but her performance doesn’t appear to have immediately boosted her support among likely voters, according to a Reuters/Ipsos national tracking poll released on Wednesday.

“The MC was arguing with me, taking up the time”, Trump said in the town of Melbourne.

We also know what Rakeiya Scott was thinking last week as Charlotte, N.C., police approached her husband Keith as he sat in his vehicle. If Clinton can come out on top there, her presidency is a virtual lock. Only 26% said that Trump won. “She’s an insider, fighting only for her donors and insiders”.

OF COURSE, we can’t know what Terence Crutcher was thinking as he walked slowly, hands up, to the side of his stalled vehicle, followed by a Tulsa police officer with a gun pointed at him.

And he said President Obama is “a president that doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing”.

But while much of the post-debate commentary focused on how well Trump and Hillary Clinton performed under the bright lights of the debate stage, less attention was paid to the actual policies each has been advocating.

Trump will indeed run his campaign as he wants to.

Both the Trump and Clinton camps have indicated that marital issues and sundry peccadilloes will be fair game here onwards in a presidential election campaign that has gotten progressively more indecorous and uncivil.

I prefer to stick with the online polls that President of the Internet Donald Trump espouses. “I like how he gets everybody all excited”.

Using the Trump model, I had some of my Twitter supporters encourage other users to vote yes. “In every poll, it’s shown that I did better”. The Republican nominee’s one clear messaging advantage came on trade: His complaint that China is stealing American jobs earned him a positive response across the board, and his promise to “reduce taxes tremendously” got high marks with undecided voters and the college educated. So just by chance, one individual poll could be off. I will never back down. The newspaper hasn’t recommended a Democrat for president since before the Second World War. Among those who think Clinton is being dishonest is one of her dearest friends and longtime political ally, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. Our allies are taking advantage of us, he kept saying; she talked about the value of alliances without responding to the point.

YouTube also found that the top country outside of the U.S. that turned in to watch the event live on YouTube was Canada followed by Mexico, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. “Fixing things is what I do”.

Social media users were also quick to point out that Republican Trump was not wearing a similar device. Well, he didn’t ask her about the e-mails at all. “And our country will start winning again”.

In these four close-ups, we see nothing that mirrors what the original Reuters image showed (which, again, didn’t even look like a device to us).