Lin Dan apologies to his wife for ‘extramarital affair’ after getting exposed on social media


The Chinese badminton sensation, Lin Dan, who has several records with him, has apologized to his wife and the entire nation for the ‘extramarital affair’ he had with a model after the pictures got leaked on social media.

And surprisingly, when he was having fun with other girls, his wife was pregnant with a baby.

As per as local media, he wrote over the Chinese social media, Weibo, “I am not defending myself for what I did and my family has suffered a lot because of me. I am apologizing to my family and all the people of the country, who supported and believed me.”

It’s been reported that ‘private pictures’ of this badminton player was leaked on social media by an anonymous person, who calls himself “Detective Zhavower”.

It took minutes to get the pictures viral on social media.

People commented by writing that ‘he (Lin) is good in badminton courts but not in the relationship.

The first picture became online was with the actress cum model, Zhao Yaqi, in which he was seen kissing and hugging her in a hotel room.

Days later, other pictures of him, showing her private things, were released, which created a havoc on social media.

Recently another report is out, which clears the fact that Dan had affairs with several other girls including one who was also a badminton player.

Apart from this bad phase of life, Lin Dan is famously known as “Super Dan” as he is one of the most successful badminton players, China ever has. He has a record of winning five world championships between 2006 to 2013.